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1.0             INTRODUCTION

Dundonald Bluebell Football Club opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability. No applicant or employee shall receive less favourable treatment because of disability.

It is in the interest of Dundonald Bluebell Football Club and those who work for it to ensure that all available human resource talents and skills are considered when employment either paid or voluntary opportunities arise. As such Dundonald Bluebell Football Club is committed to maintaining and managing a diverse work force.

This policy is applicable to all staff, contract workers, spectators and guests of the Club on all premises and places of work occupied by the Club.

2.0            POLICY  PURPOSE

The purpose of this policy it to ensure that Dundonald Bluebell Football Club complies with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and to ensure that disabled people falling within the definition of the Act are treated equally and fairly.

In line with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, in this policy:

   DISABILITY refers to a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

    DISABLED PERSON refers to a person with such a disability.

    DISCRIMINATION refers to treating someone with a disability less favourably than he treats others whom have no disability, and that treatment cannot be shown to be justified in relation to the activities or circumstances involved.

3.0             CLUB POLICY

3.1.    It is the Club’s intention to comply with the requirements of Part III (The provision of goods, services and facilities) of the Disability Discrimination Act in that:

    The Club is committed to ensuring that its disabled supporters and customers have as full access as is reasonably possible to make to all goods, services and facilities provided or offered to the public by the Club.

    The Club will provide free access for supporters with disabilities and half price admission for their carers The Club will ensure that the scheme does not discriminate between disabled people with differing impairments.

    The Club is committed to making the necessary reasonable adjustments described by the Disability Discrimination Act and its relevant Codes of Practice to ensure full compliance with the legislation.

    The Club will undertake such additional works as are reasonably required within the timescales set out in the Act.

    The Club has a grievance procedure in place and guarantees to its disabled supporters and customers that any complaints of discrimination will be dealt with quickly under that procedure.

    The Club has advised its staff that any incident of discrimination under the provisions of the Act is a serious matter and will be dealt with under the Club's Disciplinary Procedures.

4.0             EMPLOYMENT – Paid or Voluntary

4.1 When considering persons for employment Dundonald Bluebell Football Club will not discriminate against a disabled person:

    In the arrangements made for determining whom employment should be offered to.

Dundonald Bluebell Football Club

Moorside Park

Dundonald Park


(Established 1938)

    In the terms under which employment is offered.

    In deliberately refusing to offer or not offering employment to someone based on their disability.

    In the opportunities afforded to a person (i.e. training, promotions or any other work benefit).       In dismissing, someone or subjecting them to any detriment based on their disability.

Dundonald Bluebell are committed to ensuring that its disabled supporters, staff and customers have full access as is reasonably possible in all our facilities at Moorside Park, Cardenden and the club will ensure that there is no discrimination between disabled with differing impairments.

Dundonald Bluebell will give training to ensure that our committee and staff are equiped to deal with any provisions included in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995. Any complaints of discrimination by our committee, staff or customers will be fully examined by the club at their first available meeting. The committee are well aware we have a responsibility to our disabled supporters and any incidents will be treated seriously.

Disabled Parking  

Disabled Parking  is available in the car park at Moorside Park near within the main gated entrance area and access into the ground is by this entrance. Ramped access to covered enclosures can be made using the new pathway situated next to car parking area. There is also an area set out in the enclosure to park mobility scooters etc and seating can be provided if required.

Disabled Toilets.

There are disabled toilets within the ground and are open on match days. The toilet is situated in the Social Club which has fully ramped access.  Catering Facilities

Catering Facilities can be accessed via ramped entry within the Social Club.  We also offer a waitress styled service if required.



Dundonald Bluebell policy is not to discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favourably on the grounds of sex, gender, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, religion or disability. This policy will apply to the following:

New Committee member applications

New Social member application

Staff employment

Signing of players

Team selection

Manager/ Coach employment

Promoting Football development

As a club we will not tolerate sexist, racist, bigotry or sectarian harassment or any other discriminatory behaviour whether verbal or physical. The committee will take the appropriate action to deal with any complaints that are lodged with the club.

We are proud to be associated with ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ initiative and demonstrate this several times during the season when our players show support by displaying signs prior to the game.

On Request the club will be able to provide this policy in “alternative format”.

Document Created – January 2019

Reviewed Allan Halliday 12/1/2021

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