Medical Team Command Structure

Should the St. Andrews Ambulance be present at the game they will be in command of their resources as will the Doctor.   In the event of a major incident the Doctor, in liaison with St. Andrews Ambulance Senior Officer will coordinate all medical resources on site.


Ground Control Systems

If necessary the Health and Safety Officer (Event Commander) and the Announcer will be responsible for the coordination of all agencies in attendance.   They will be assisted by the Chairman (Stadium Safety Officer).   The Senior Officers for all agencies will be in charge of their own resources and will be located in the Pavilion to allow for inter-agency co-operation.


Permanent First Aid Room

There is 1 first aid room within Moorside Park.


Medical Equipment, materials and source

The first aid room has an examination table and is stocked with first aid equipment supplied and maintained by the Club.


Ambulance Cover

We do not have any ambulance cover for the number of spectators that attend our matches.   Should an ambulance be required the Secretary or Announcer would dial 999 or 112 and ask for an ambulance to be sent to the ground.   Our plan of action would then swing into operation with the Committee taking up their places to await the ambulance.


Doctor, Physiotherapist and First Aider duties When a casualty is reported the Club’s Physiotherapist/First Aider will provide the initial response unless a cardiac arrest or other critical condition is suggested.   First Aiders will then request a Doctor or Paramedic assistance as required or treat any minor ailments themselves.   The Physio/First Aider will assess whether to move the patient and if required the patient will move to the First Aid Post to await further assistance.   If a Doctor or Paramedic is in attendance they will attend the patient and will agree a plan of treatment.



Communication between the Announcer and the Crowd will be via Public Address System.  All agencies have their own methods of communication should they be on site


Critical Incidents

Any critical incident will be managed by dialling 999 or 112


Crowd Numbers

As we seldom have crowds of more than 250 we have on site 2 Physiotherapists (one from each club) and 1 F


First Aid Facility

The First Aid Room will be stocked as and when required by the Physiotherapist.



Weather Conditions

Both the First Aider and the Physiotherapist have been issued with clothing suitable and appropriate for all weather conditions


Emergency Access

The large main gate at the Entrance to the South end of the Ground can be opened and permit direct access for Emergency Vehicles.   This area is kept clear at all times of cars etc., for this purpose and will allow Emergency Vehicles direct access to the North. East and South End of the Ground.


Travel Times to Local A & E

The 2 nearest hospitals with A & E are Queen Margaret in Dunfermline 25 minutes from the ground and The Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy which is about 15 minutes away from the ground.


Reviewed Allan Halliday 12/1/2021

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