Dundonald Bluebell FC is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion in our club and in eliminating discrimination. The aim is for our club to be truly representative of all sections of society and our members, and for each individual to feel respected and able to give their best. The club is also committed against discrimination of members, visitors or supporters. The board/committee of Dundonald Bluebell FC ensure this policy is at the forefront of all club activities and inclusions. Dundonald Bluebell actively promote Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in our behaviour, practices and values. Football is for everyone; it belongs to and should be enjoyed by anyone who wants to participate in it, whether as a player, official, staff member or spectator. We aim, therefore, to bring people together in a way that supports positive change, makes people feel valued and improves the lives and inclusive experience of our fans and wider community. As a club Dundonald Bluebell Football Club, we are one family, and regardless of your background, it is fundamental to our values that everyone should be made to feel welcome as members, staff and supporters of this Club. We are committed, therefore, to confronting and eradicating any form of discrimination, whether it is of race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality and national origin), religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, age, pregnancy or maternity, disability or gender reassignment. (Protected characteristics outlined within the Equality Act 2010). We ensure that we treat everyone fairly and with respect, and that we provide access and opportunities for all members of the community to enjoy their matchday experience with us. At Dundonald Bluebell FC, we are proud to represent every part of our diverse community and for those that don’t share these views, we will not compromise on our values. We are proud to be associated with and to participate in regular events such as Show Racism the Red Card, The Rainbow Laces Campaign and will actively promote our involvement with these through our web site and social media.



 We have zero-tolerance towards discriminatory language, abuse, chanting and behaviour of any kind. • We expect our community to behave towards others in a manner consistent with principles of fairness, respect and tolerance. • We find hateful behaviour based on any form of discrimination wholly unacceptable. • We don’t want you at Dundonald Bluebell FC if you can’t accept that, or if you behave in a manner that is incompatible with these values. IN THE FIRST INSTANCE: • We encourage you, if you see or hear racist, sexist, homophobic, or other behaviour of hate or division to use any of our reporting mechanisms. Collecting evidence quickly and efficiently allows us the best chance to deal with any incidents: o Please report what you see or experience to any of our matchday officials. o Alternatively email j.ormiston41@btinternet.com with as much detail as possible. OUR PROMISE TO YOU: • We will thoroughly investigate such incidents and any behaviour from an individual or group, which is calculated to divide our fans and community, or cause trouble. • We will deal with this appropriately and expediently, which may result in a banning order or ejection from our ground. • We will continually review our methods, approach and means of dealing with such behaviour to help prevent further incidents. • Anyone who has been found to use discriminatory language or behaviours will be submit to the club disciplinary procedures We believe that being inclusive and welcoming is an important part of what will make us unbeatable, and the team that everyone in our community will be proud to support and be associated with.


Document Created – January 2020

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